2nd Year Visa Farm Jobs in Tolga, Atherton and Cairns Far North Queensland

Tolga Country Lodge is a popular backpacker working hostel providing accommodation, and 2nd year working holiday visa farm work for backpackers in Australia.

Our working hostel is situated in the heart of the beautiful Atherton Tablelands, one hour from Cairns, and near Atherton.

Tolga is one of the few locations in Australia that requires farm workers all year round. The busy months are from September through to April when we have avocado, banana, passionfruit, citrus, potatoes, mango’s, pumpkins and watermelon picking and packing.  We also provide farming work during the winter months such as banana picking, pruning, construction work, irrigation and much more.

If you would like a farm job on the Cairns Highlands/Atherton Tablelands, please visit our site today.